Princeton University & NEC Research Institute
Princeton, New Jersey
October 28-30, 2001

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  General Information
Welcome to the web site for the "2001 Workshop on Shape-Based Retrieval and Analysis of 3D Models."  It was held Sunday through Tuesday, October 28-30, 2001 in Princeton, New Jersey.  The workshop is hosted jointly by the Princeton University Computer Science Department and the NEC Research Institute (NECI).

The first objective of the workshop is to investigate methods for automatic retrieval and analysis of 3D models.  Potential topics include representation, matching, recognition, clustering, classification, and semantic tagging of 3D models.  Discussion will focus on new theory for the representation of 3D shape, new data structures and algorithms for indexing and search of 3D models, new query interfaces for shape-based retrieval, and new infrastructure for future research in 3D shape retrieval and analysis.

The second objective of the workshop is to foster interaction between researchers working on computer graphics, computational geometry, and computer vision.  To this end, a mixture of people from several different fields have been invited to give 30 minute talks.  We intend this workshop to offer a forum for focused, in-depth interaction on learning and development in shape analysis from both theoretical and practical perspectives, and thus there will be plenty of time for discussion between talks.

Sunday, October 28, 2001 Room 105, Computer Science Building, Princeton University, 
35 Olden Street, Princeton, NJ  (directions)
9:00AM Tom Funkhouser Welcome and Introduction
9:40AM Michael Lesk Image Searching: What You See is What You Get, But Not What You Want
10:40AM Eric Grimson Shape Models for Medical Image Analysis 
11:20AM Anand Rangarajan A Unified Non-rigid Feature Registration Method for Brain Mapping
1:00PM Szymon Rusinkiewicz Speed and Robustness in 3D Model Registration
1:40PM Jean Ponce Issues in 3D Object Recognition 
2:40PM Ayellet Tal Retrieval of Three-Dimensional Models with Relevance Feedback
3:20PM Robert Osada Matching 3D Models with Shape Distributions
4:20PM Herbert Edelsbrunner, Adam Finkelstein, Alok Gupta, Bill Regli What are the Applications of Shape-based Retrieval and Analysis?
Monday, October 29, 2001 Room 2F00, Second floor, NEC Research Institute (NECI), 
4 Independence Way, Princeton, NJ   (directions)
9:00AM Dan Huttenlocher Matching Pictorial Structures
9:40AM Jitendra Malik Shape Matching and Recognition Using Shape Contexts
10:40AM Martial Hebert Recognition and Modeling of Objects from Local Shape 
11:20AM Misha Kazhdan Reflective Symmetry Dection in Three Dimensions
1:00PM Jarek Rossignac Shape Analysis in the Compression and Progressive Transmission of 3D Models 
1:40PM Wim Sweldens Normal Meshes and Digital Geometry Compression
2:40PM Nina Amenta Medial Axis Approximation and Map Skeletonization 
3:20PM Kaleem Siddiqi Hamilton-Jacobi Skeletons 
4:20PM David Dobkin, Leo Guibas, Demetri Terzopoulos What are the Synergies between Vision, Geometry, and Graphics?
7:00PM Dinner Banquet at Prospect House, Princeton University
Tuesday, October 30, 2001 Room 105, Computer Science Building, Princeton University, 
35 Olden Street, Princeton, NJ   (directions)
9:00AM Herbert Edelsbrunner The Shape of Proteins
9:40AM Helmut Alt Geometric Methods in Shape Recognition and Matching
10:40AM Ben Kimia 3D Shock Scaffold
11:20AM Patrick Min Evaluating Query Types for a 3D Model Search Engine
1:00PM Dimitris Metaxas Shape Models for Tracking, Recognition and Medical Applications
1:40PM Jan Koenderink Structure of Pictorial Relief 
2:40PM Bill Lorensen Unification of Vision, Geometry and Graphics Through Software Toolkits
3:20PM W. Randolph Franklin Funding Opportunities at NSF
4:20PM Panel What did we learn?

  Travel Information
You will receive a Visitor Parking Permit upon arrival at Nassau Inn or the CS Department. You can download and print the PDF of this permit if you like.
Click here to download a PDF with a map of downtown Princeton, showing Nassau Inn, the CS department, and parking locations.
Note: DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME ENDS at 2am on Sunday.