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A demonstration of real-time non photorealistic rendering with coherent stylized silhouettes.

Shape Analysis & RetrievalShape Analysis & Retrieval

A set of algorithms for characterizing and matching the shapes of 3D models.

Sea of ImagesSea of Images

A system for capturing thousands of closely spaced omnidirectional images and rendering novel views in a real-time IBR walkthrough system.

3D Model Search Engine3D Model Search Engine

A search engine for 3D models found on the World Wide Web (indexes more than 30,000 models available for download).

Acoustic ModelingAcoustic Modeling

Algorithms for simulating the propagation of sound through 3D environments.

Display WallDisplay Wall

A large-scale display with 24 PCs working in parallel to drive 24 projectors arranged in a tile pattern on an 18' x 8' rear-projection screen.

Rendering with a PC clusterRendering with a PC cluster

Real-time algorithms for rendering images in parallel with a PC cluster.

Realistic AppearanceRealistic Appearance

A set of techniques for representing measured (a.k.a. non-parametric) appearance data with applications in interactive and off-line rendering and editing.

Suggestive ContoursSuggestive Contours

A technique for automatically producing line drawings that are aesthetically pleasing and convey shape effectively, starting from 3D models.

3D Scanning3D Scanning

Research on novel 3D scanner designs, as well as algorithms for scan alignment and processing.

Reassembling the Thera FrescoesReassembling the Thera Frescoes

Applying 3D scanning and 3D shape matching methods to assist archeaologists in reconstructing 3500-year-old frescoes from thousands of fragments.

Line Drawings of 3D ShapesLine Drawings of 3D Shapes

Research into how human artists make drawings of 3D shapes, how human subjects interpret those drawings, and how computer graphics algorithms compare.

Interactive 3D Line DrawingsInteractive 3D Line Drawings

A project to develop improved algorithms for interactive 3D non-photorealistic rendering, with a focus on line drawing.