The drawing viewer displays the average of a set of registered line drawings. Several sets of options are available from the right hand side:

Filter Drawings

Options for selecting which drawings to display.

Model, Date, Subject, Light, View: Filter according to these criteria

Precise, Sloppy: Show the precise drawings (90% of exterior within 1mm), and the sloppy drawings (not precise).

Next / Prev buttons: Cycle through the various model and view combinations, maintaining the other filter settings.

Drawing Style

Binary: Show the binarized versions of the drawings. The binary versions were used for all the analysis in the paper.

Colored: Independently color each drawing. The associated color is shown in the Selected Drawings box.

Distance Threshold: How wide the binary drawings should be drawn. No effect for non-binary drawings.

Background: Choose white, black, or shaded (the faint image used by the artists to trace). Only colored lines are currently available with the shaded background, for dumb technical reasons.

Overlay CG Lines

Check boxes: Turn on and off each line type. The selection box controls line density where appropriate (10 = most dense, 1 = least dense).

Distance Threshold: is same as above.

Selected Drawings

The results of the drawing filter is shown here. You can check and uncheck individual drawings to show or hide them.