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Non-parametric texture transfer using MeshMatch
Adobe Technical Report 2012-2, November 2012

Xiaobai Chen, Tom Funkhouser, Dan B Goldman,
and Eli Shechtman

Color texture transfer. From left to right: input zebra; output cow, giraffe, and cerburus (a three-headed dog).


Transferring surface properties such as color texture from one 3D mesh to another is a well-known problem, which has become increasingly important as the demand for textured models in games and films has grown. We propose a mesh-based analogy of the PatchMatch [Barnes et al. 2009] algorithm, which we call "MeshMatch", and a non-parametric multi-resolution approach to surface texture transfer based on this algorithm. Our system offers benefits of both parameterization and texture synthesis approaches, preserving both large- and fine-scale patterns of the source properties. We demonstrate this system in a variety of applications, including texture transfer, detail transfer, and texture painting assists.

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Xiaobai Chen, Tom Funkhouser, Dan B Goldman, and and Eli Shechtman. Non-parametric texture transfer using MeshMatch. Adobe Technical Report 2012-2, November 2012.

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