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Consistent Segmentation of 3D Models

Computers and Graphics (Shape Modeling International 09), June 2009

Aleksey Golovinskiy, Thomas Funkhouser

This paper proposes a method to segment a set of models consistently. The method simultaneously segments models and creates correspondences between segments. First, a graph is constructed whose nodes represent the faces of every mesh, and whose edges connect adjacent faces within a mesh and corresponding faces in diff erent meshes. Second, a consistent segmentation is created by clustering this graph, allowing for outlier segments that are not present in every mesh. The method is demonstrated for several classes of objects and used for two applications: symmetric segmentation and segmentation transfer.

Aleksey Golovinskiy and Thomas Funkhouser.
"Consistent Segmentation of 3D Models."
Computers and Graphics (Shape Modeling International 09) 33(3):262-269, June 2009.


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