Finding Surface Correspondences Using Symmetry Axis Curves


Download (5MB)

Compling the code
    • Make sure the following software and libraries are installed: OpenGL, GLUT, MATLAB, Python.
    • Type 'Make'.
    • 28 binaries should be found in './bin/internal' when the code successfully compiles. 'SurfaceVis' should be found in './bin/external'.

Running the code
    • Go to './scripts', and run
            python ./run_all ../data/SampleModels/ ../data/SampleModels/ ../workspace/386-392
      The first two arguments specify the source meshes, and the third argument specifies the folder where the intermediate and the final results are saved.
    • After the program finishes, the final map can be found in 'workspace/386-392/results/'. Please read an explanation of *.map format (* in that page).

Running individual steps in the pipeline
    • Go to './scripts/config.cfg' and set parameters 'on' or 'off' in '[Pipeline-switches]'. Note that a latter step always relies on the results of former steps.

Feeding ground truth at different steps
    • Go to './scripts/config.cfg' and there are three modes available in '[Switches]': fully-automatic ('nothing'), perfect symmetry axes ('axis') and perfect symmetry axis alignment ('axis_alignment'). Please comment/uncomment the lines to feed ground truth data to the framework at different steps.


Pairwise shape correspondence results Download (78MB)
    • This is all you need to generate Figure 6, 7, 8 in the paper.
    • Surface Correspondence Benchmark, where the framework is tested upon.

Symmetry axis results Download (50MB)

Mannually-labeled symmetry axes and symmetry axis alignments Download
    • This is a part of code distribution.


SGP 2012 Paper Bib


This code is built upon GAPS library, which is developed by Tom Funkhouser. I also would like to thank Vladimir Kim for providing Shape Correspondence code framework and Surface Correspondence Benchmark.