Benchmark Results and SHREC Watertight 2007 Results

We present plots and mapping results for all examples in the Surface Correspondence Benchmark and SHREC 2007 Watertight data set.

Benchmark results and SHREC Watertight 2007 results

Impact of Each Step on Benchmark Results

We compare the results generated by fully automatic pipeline with those generated by feeding perfect symmetry axes/alignments. We have manually-labeled symmetry axis curves on all models that are used in the Surface Correspondence Benchmark. To obtain perfect symmetry axis alignments, we leverage the human-labeled correspondences which are available in the benchmark. We start by the ground-truth correspondences that are located on the symmetry axis, and then linearly interpolate them to obtain a dense alignment of symmetry axes. We present the comparison in four classes of models below.

Impact of each step on benchmark results

Symmetry Axis Curves and Feature Points

We provide insight into the results of our symmetry axis curve extraction and feature points extraction step. We show symmetry axis curves on the 329 models used in the Surface Correspondence Benchmark and watertight data set, where 71 models from SCAPE, 80 models from TOSCA, and 178 models from symmetric classes of the SHREC 2007 Watertight data set.

Symmetry axis curves and feature points