Sketch2Scene bedroom dataset

Scene graphs

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'scenegraphs' contains input and ground truth scene graphs, as well as the results of our algorithm and alternatives. Note that each scene graph (*.hier) only describes ancestry relations among nodes and geometry membership of each node (format). The actual geometries can be shared upon request.

'scenegraphs' contains 5 subdirectories:
rawSceneGraphs: input scene graphs, without hierarchy or annotation.
gtSceneGraphs: ground-truth scene graphs, where objects are annotated manually in Sketch2Scene paper. These scene graphs are used for evaluation .
predSceneGraphs: annotated hierarchical scene graphs that are created by our algorithm in the leave-one-out experiment (i.e. taking the ground-truth scene graphs of all other scenes in the same category as training data).
predShapeOnly: annotated scene graphs that are created by maximizing the geometry term (a.k.a. Shape only), in the leave-one-out experiment.
predFlat: annotated scene graphs that are created by our algorithm but the algorithm is forced to be flat (a.k.a. Flat grammar), in the leave-one-out experiment.


This dataset is a part of Tsinghua scene dataset. Please cite this paper and our paper if you use this dataset.
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