Format of Scene Graph Files (*.hier)

*.hier is in plain text. Below is a list of critical fields. Other fields might exist in some scene graph files, but they are not parsed by our published code.

root integer
The node index of the root node.

scene_name string*
The name of the scene graph.

newModel integer
Beginning of the description of a new node, followed by its node index. Every line from here until the next 'newModel' is for the current node.

parent integer
The node index of the parent of the current node. -1 if the current node is the root.

leaf_group list of integers
The indices of member geometries. The scene graph is associated with a folder of *.off files with indices, and the geometry of the current node is the union of geometries that are pointed to by the list of integers behind 'leaf_group'

label integer string
The index of label and its name. Note that our program does not parse the label index, but instead identifies a label by its name.

(*: all strings may contain space.)

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