dpix is a viewer and library for interactive rendering of 3D models using stylized lines. It reads Google SketchUp models with the help of an exporter script.

Although dpix is fairly full-featured, it is primarily research software. As such, it may fail to run, crash, or otherwise not perform as expected. It is not intended for regular use in any kind of production pipeline.

The algorithms implemented in dpix are described in "Self-Similar Texture for Coherent Line Stylization" (2010) "Two Fast Methods for High-Quality Line Visibility" (2009) and "Directing Gaze in 3D Models with Stylized Focus" (2006).

Getting dpix

A distribution of dpix is available from Google Code:


The distribution includes C++/OpenGL/Qt code for the viewer, and MATLAB code to generate self-similar line artmaps.


Coming soon(ish)!


The following people have contributed to the project so far: